August, 13th: 0.48 update is Live on Stable branch (630MB). Changelog

The new 0.48 patch of DayZ was originally designated as a “hotfix update”, however many new features, bugfixes and items have been implemented since its first deployment. The third iteration of the patch has hit the experimental branch the august 12th and here is a list of every new things that survivors will come across.

Dayz 0.48: New Weapons & Attachments

As always guns get some love from developers. In this update the sawed-off Mosin, a smaller version of the popular rifle, make its apparition. The burlap warp is also available and can be crafted from burlap sac with a machete, and grass can be added to (look at the ground to add grass). It currently only fits on Mosin. A new animation was designed for running movements with raised weapon stance.

Dayz 0.48: New Items

The SMERSH vest has been found. It’s a modular tactical vest that can be attached to an additional SMERSH backpack, for a total of 16 free slots! A new bag can be crafted: the Leather sack, using a deer pelt and a machete. Finally, flashbang has been fixed and spawn in heli crashsites.

Dayz 0.48: New Map Locations

Senchi (Map Designer Lead) was on vacation for the month of July. But the team worked on two new villages at the north west part of the map: Vavilovo & Sinistok. There is also new additions to the map: A WWII memorial at Gvodzno and a V3S Command Vehicle wreck that spawn items. Also, a new deer stand model has been added in-game.

Dayz 0.48: Gameplay Features

A great work has been done on the engine: watching through walls is, mostly, fixed now. Crashsites are also back and still spawn at the west side of the map. Devs they have listened to the community, Regular mode has been renamed to “Thrid person” and Hardcore into “First person”, which is a great news!

Dayz 0.48: Leaked Content (Game Data Files)

As you should know, every new update give the possibility of new game data files leaks. In this update, the scary bear model has made its apparition, there no further info on it currently. Another animal model came to the surface: the pig, for hunting purpose obviously. The last model found in game data files is a new russian grenade: RGD-5 Hand Grenade.

Dayz 0.48 Update: Complete Changelog

  • Animations: Igniting fireplace
  • Animations: Restrained sprint (run)
  • Animations: Fishing (pull out, check, start)
  • Animations: Searching for berries, digging
  • Animations: Cow animation sets
  • Crafting: You can craft leather sack
  • Crafting: You can craft mosin wrap from burlap sack
  • Crafting: You can add grass to burlap wrap
  • Crafting: You can sharpen wooden sticks
  • Crafting: You can combine sharpened sticks and feather to create an primitive arrow
  • Crafting: Preparing chicken will now give you also some chicken feathers
  • Crafting: You can saw mosin-nagant 9130 off
  • Crafting: You can paint sawed-off mosin-nagant 9130
  • Crafting: You can tear bandana mask into rags
  • Crafting: You can attach and detach Smersh Backpack to Smersh Vest´
  • Gear: Crafted leather sack
  • Gear: Smersh Vest
  • Gear: Smersh Backpack
  • Gear: Sharpened Stick
  • Gear: Chicken Feathers
  • Gear: Primitive Arrow
  • Gear: Added lifetime and persistence parameters
  • Gear: Bow can now use primitive arrows
  • Gear: Tank helmet
  • Loot: Randomized police cars spawns (works but cars are not always visible – see known issues)
  • Loot: Some guns spawn with ammo now
  • Weapons: Sawed-off variant of mosin-nagant 9130
  • World: Sinistok village is added.
  • World: Vavilovo village is added.
  • World: New WW2 monument has been added to Severograd town.
  • World: Oak tree was replaced by new model.

  • Animations: Slow and fast move with raised Bow in crouch
  • Animations: Silence gesture crouch and prone polished
  • Actions: Tearing bandana into rags produce only one rag now
  • Actions: Highly increased chance for finding an apple
  • Actions: Slightly increased chance for finding a berry
  • Character: Moved position of collision shapes for standing and crouching poses with two-handed weapon
  • Cooking: Highly reduced chance for getting food poisoning from burnt meat
  • Crafting: Tracksuit pants can be mended with sewing kit
  • Graphics: Textures for epinephrine and fire extinguisher improved
  • Engine: First iteration of wall clipping fix
  • Gear: Gorka pants takes four slots
  • Loot: Heli-crashsites fixed
  • Loot: Loot tables changed
  • Loot: Rotten fruit and vegetables removed from loot spawns
  • Weapons: Crossbow dispersion tweaked
  • Weapons: CR 527 magazine cannot be repainted
  • Weapons: Range for all melee weapons and fists tweaked
  • Weapons: All melee weapons are set to use cursor for hit now
  • Weapons: CR 527 magazine description edited
  • Weapons: MP5 30Rnd magazine takes two vertical slots
  • Weapons: Shotguns damage
  • Weapons: Improvised bow dispersion tweaked

  • Player is unable to attack with any weapon in certain circumstances
  • Character is freezed for a few seconds after throwing item in certain angle
  • Several issues with melee hitting players are experiencing desync while next to each other
  • Random throwing of items
  • Ladders can’t be used after hit by grenade explosion
  • Player is stucked in building after reconnect
  • Player cannot respawn properly when hes drowned
  • When restrained in unconscious player stays in restrained state till he reconnects
  • Character goes prone after using drink all action on canteen
  • Random police car spawning doesn’t work properly. Cars are not visible, loot is there though.

  • Profile photo of FroztGarm
    FroztGarm Heli Hunter 8 months ago

    Thank you so much for all the time and effort you put in this game every day :)
    I’m checking more than I’m checking my Facebook account 😉
    Keep up the good work!

  • Profile photo of [USUVA] Aivar

    Can’t wait! New content is coming out so fast now it’s crazy. BUT is it just me or are the zombies still kinda…broken? They’re much better than before yes, but still not completely fixed. Sadly

    • Profile photo of ematto
      ematto Heli Hunter 8 months ago

      Some time they pass in the wall or the door but is not a lot annoying. They are stronger becouse they change the melee weapons effect. Now there is only a little part of the animation for hit the zombie. First in all the animation you can hit the zombies. Now is more realistic i think 😀
      Sorry bad eglish, i’m italian

    • Profile photo of Erlend

      When are they going to fix zombies??? They are so OP!!

  • Profile photo of FAQ2chief

    fuck this shit! persistence my ass. I ran around with a tent in my pack for over a week waiting for this update only to place it down and never see it again!!! Epic troll Dean Hall, Epic troll!!!!

    • Mango_Jacob 8 months ago

      It was stated that it will not work in this update,

      • Profile photo of Elwood Blues

        and where? I was reading so many articles about the stable version of 0.48, no where stood that they haven’t fixed persistence and tents!

      • Profile photo of FAQ2chief

        actually it was stated that persistence is in stable, but only dev hosted stable servers, so it was my own fault for not reading everything clearly before i set my tent down, but then again it was kind of a dick move on the devs part to not make this information more clearly present for everyone. its one of the very last things on the list, look carefully or you might miss it

  • Profile photo of ematto
    ematto Heli Hunter 8 months ago

    You are awesome :’)

  • Dmilbradt 8 months ago

    Is it possible they will add cars in this update I heard that Brian Hicks said cars are ready to be added in a live stream a week ago.

    • noway 8 months ago

      really ?? wow but i think that zombies should be done first or persistent objects and basebuilding

    • whatnow000 8 months ago

      no. your dreaming if u think cars will hit anytime soon, give it at lest two or three months, cars and player building will be the last things added

      • dmilbradt 8 months ago

        Hey that’s just what I heard and Dean Hall posted a tweet a couple weeks ago saying cars are basically finished they just need to be tested then added.

  • Since the release of this game there has been so many cool items and updates that has made Dayz even more popular than before, like new weapons, clothing, and other things that make this game more genuine and unique there are still many things that still need to be added. The only thing that needs to be added is a new long range rifle, and make the M4/AK101 rounds more common. Thank you for your efforts and please consider.

  • Profile photo of Bultzen
    Bultzen Fresh Spawn 8 months ago

    verry nice information!
    I need the firefighter outfit :)

  • Profile photo of SNE4K
    SNE4K Heli Hunter 8 months ago

    Gimee datt Leveraction and Pumpaction !!

  • Profile photo of Reno
    Reno Fresh Spawn 8 months ago

    I can’t wait!

  • zenac 8 months ago

    So pumped for firefighter outfit

  • irishroy 8 months ago

    Hey, it’s not a R95 and not a R93 😉

    It’s a Rossi Model 92 (chambered .357 magnum)

  • roger 8 months ago

    quit bitching about cars people make it sound like everyone will have a card chances are when they do get released they will have 3-5 cars per map so alot of people unless your hardcore and pro you wont even touch a car and if you do your be one of teh first to die lol.

    • Actually, Dean hall said that cars will be more or less abundant, but you will need things like spark plugs and the like to get them running properly, and those parts will be tough to find.

    • dmilbradt 8 months ago

      Nobody is bitching about cars we are just talking about news that we have heard about cars.

  • Profile photo of piggypotpie

    Zombies STILL go through walls

  • Nuclear Messiah 8 months ago

    Anybody knows whats up with the SVD ? Magazine model leaked the same time like the AKM magazine.

  • shawn clements 8 months ago

    so glad i found this game … everything about it…cant wait till update

  • Phillip Smith 8 months ago

    With this newest update the zombies seem to move better. But now my axe is useless again. The zombies beat the crap out of you really fast and they seem to come in hordes when they hear one attacking you.

    Not saying its bad but it makes ammo more scarce as I have to shoot any zombie coming at me. Also makes me loud.

    The aiming is off too and if I shoot at the zombie when it is real close it can hit me but my bullets seem to start behind the zombie letting him beat the crap out of me.

    Also I think clothing will be scarcer as in just an hour or so they ruined my shirt and pants twice so people will be hunting for more.

    Definitely creepier with the zombies moving better and seem quieter. Also they followed me all the way to the 3rd floor of the school building so ladders might be your only respite from the zombies.

    • Rammur 8 months ago

      Yeah because melee is bugged right now hit box is all funky i think.

  • Josh Valin 8 months ago

    I love the new ragdoll affect it just makes the game more detailed, but they need to add vehicles as soon as possible.

    • Nothingstrue 8 months ago

      I really hope they fix/add persistent items, fix melee, add base building before they add cars. Think of it this way if they add cars now before you can store items in them for ever and base build there really is no purpose of having a car (other than to not have to trek through the land for several hours to make a loop around the map).

      I think there is much more they need to add before cars.

  • The increase in zombies is great, however, they’re even more broken than before. As stated above, melee weapons are now useless and the aiming at close range is totally off. Zombies are ruining not only clothing but equipment in one hit. There obviously needs to be consequences for getting hit, but seriously, one hit destroying 5 pistol magazines, a map, the pants and a compass? Realism guys… come on. The other issue is in fact the increase in zombies, specifically their spawning. My buddy and I were in heaven fighting off a huge horde and even being forced to flee town, but when reaching the forest and having lost the zombies, more merely spawned all around us out of nowhere. We were both looking opposite of each other and *pop*, 5 zombies. We dealt with them, but they kept spawning and spawning and spawning infinitely. Between the two of us, we chewed through over 200 rounds of ammunition. I know this is an alpha, I know the engine wasn’t meant to be used in this fashion, I know there are a lot of hurtles. That said, sales of dayz have topped 2 million copes sold. I’m a banker who has been gaming since the advent of the NES, and I’ll be gaming until I’m in the ground, but I’m not so blinded when it comes to the influx of cash and it’s effect on productivity, more specifically, it’s increase. At 30 dollars USD, and 2 million copies sold, that would equate to 60 million dollars. Given steam will have it’s cut, overhead, taxes, etc, etc, it’s safe to say at least 40 million is still in hand. Considering the task at hand and said influx of cash, and then relating it to that task of landing on the moon and the money thrown at that project, one would think the projected completion time would shrink a considerable amount. Not to mention the parallel of the Soviet’s and projects like H1Z1, one would think that not only is the competition breathing down their necks but clawing over their head. I’m former armed forces and even I’m scratching my head when it comes to Rocket. You always finish the project at hand all the way through and to the fullest of your ability. Not the attitude of “I came up with the idea and now I can direct those with more experience to do my work while having one foot out the door to start my own studio”. One of the cardinal phrases or rules in any armed force is this, “move with a sense of urgency”, so what happened to that attitude? What’s this I’m a profession soldier that will finish whenever? What happened to that sense of urgency? What are they doing with that 60 million? How is it being put towards the development of the project? How many additional team members are there and what are those team members specifically doing? You can not use the excuse of “we said don’t buy it yet”, but put it on steam knowing full well a tidal wave of cash would be coming their way. When you drawn in that sort of cash so people can quite literally pay to alpha test for you, it comes with responsibility. Ninety percent of dayz enthusiasts are not bankers, nor stock traders or really understand how big business is run. They don’t think about certain things or question important concerns. It’s easy to feed off the blind adoration, devotion and ignorance of the fan base knowing they have that fever and a wade of cash burning a hole in their pocket. When is this going to get to beta stage? Not many are concerned with the graphics, it still a beautiful game and will probably hold it’s shine for another several years, but how fast is it going to look dated before it’s complete? How long are you going to support this game if future sales dwindle? Why isn’t this even listed on Bohemia’s website as even a project considering their now heaving involvement? Now that 60 million is in the bank, why is Dean half way out the door? Why has the vigor and dedication diminished? What happens when the competition completely over takes Dayz with finished products? Look, I don’t want to sound like a jerk or a pessimist, I just know a bit about money and productivity. I love Dayz. There hasn’t been a game my entire life that has given me the ride or the memories like Dayz has. Nothing will come close to comparing the feeling of the game, the environment, where it came from or what it means to it’s die hard fans like myself. I’m just freaked out a bit. I see two million copies sold at 30 USD a piece, a beta shouldn’t be in a year, a beta should be in several months, six max. All that money in the bank, hire some bodies, get them in the know and start pounding the keyboards. Don’t feed the ego of Dean, don’t come across apologetic when criticizing progress. What happened to Duke Nukem Forever? When it was finally finished, how did that go over? Diakatana? No one takes Romeo seriously anymore. Don’t get lazy, don’t get a big head Dean. Don’t be a Romeo. Put the blade to the grindstone, commit, adapt, overcome and move with a bloody sense of urgency. I love you guys, I love Dean for the memories he’s given me and the ones to come, I love Dayz almost like a child. But seriously…. 60 mill…

    • Profile photo of ITF Eastan
      ITF Eastan Bush Wookie 8 months ago

      By the time I was done reading this I was covered in moss.

    • Profile photo of CarlR
      CarlR Heli Hunter 8 months ago

      Who types a comment that long?

    • andrew 8 months ago

      and as for dean getting a big head, he sold dayz to bohemia interactive months ago, they run the show now dean is just the head of the dev team. 75 full time devs work on dayz, just to answer a few of your repetitive questions.

    • I feel you Adam I feel you. I love the way you wrote that, but let me explain a little. You said you are a banker I think and former armed forces (thanks for your service). Well let’s just say I am trying to get into the game development industry and know a good bit about that. You said they had approx. 60 mill. from sales. If that is true, that’s awesome and from everything I have kept up with from the devs
      A huge amount has gone into the game. I remember them saying with enthusiasm, about them hiring entire teams to work on simple elements like hunting and fishing. That’s what’s so amazing about the development is that that team is focusing on just one element, which allows them to perfect hunting and fishing. Trust me your money is going somewhere good. You may not get what I just wrote, but basically what this means is that they’re not rushing the development at all. They are slowing down to make sure everything in the game is perfect and polished. They hired entire teams to work on all these little parts of the game. And I’m the next few months, I know for a fact that zombies will be completely finished (they’re incomplete despite what everyone else says), cars will be implemented, loot system will be finished, persistent items will be put in, and almost all server issues will be fixed. The development is slow because they’re taking the time, to perfect this game and take it so much further than they thought they ever would. DayZ used to be a game centered on looting for survival and pVp, but they’re expanding what DayZ is as a whole. I wish I could explain things better to where what I’m saying is not so confusing. I just hope you get the gist of what I’m saying. What people don’t realize, is how close the devs are to putting the major things everyone is waiting for in.

    • Agreed.

    • tl;dr

    • Profile photo of hwk


    • the guy above is dumb 8 months ago

      dude…get a life….and not a dayz life a real life

    • andrew 8 months ago

      if u was really so smart mate u would know every one of your questions has been answered many times by both the dev team and dean himself. and u know banking not game development or u would know 60 mill to a game like dayz a not that much, it took 56 million to make wow and that was years ago and no where near as complex as dayz so if u do the maths by that 60 mil is starting money for dayz, try doing your research b4 complaining and asking a million questions that already have answers thinking your so smart being a banker. fuck off and count some money mate

      • What you said is not really how it works. Your trying to compare development costs of a survival game to an MMO. You wanna know why WOW took so much money to make? Because it is an mmo. Meaning that they have to hire double the amount of teams to make a game 4x bigger than DayZ. Not to mention how much money you would have to put into advertising and buying the heaven of servers for people to play on. Which yes the players do basically pay for, but think about how much it costs. Dayz is a huge game, but it doesn’t cost 60 mill. To make. Not saying all that money goes nowhere as it does go towards the game, but the way your putting it, your acting like a certain game in development costs a set amount of money to make. They can put more money into development if they want to make the game even better. Which is what the team is doing. Oh and by the way, if you were really smart mate, you wouldn’t write like you were txtng ur bff. And that an MMO as a genre costs a shit load to make. So try making an A in English, when you go back to school. Cause let’s face it. With that spelling you have not graduated high school yet mate.

    • Nothingstrue 8 months ago

      Listen Adam. The amount of money that one makes on a product IN DEVELOPMENT does not determine how fast the game will be completed. There are other games out there that make that money as a good faith Kick Starter payment for a game no one can play. Have you every tried to model a human face? Tshirts? Guns? Terrain? Houses? Just cause one gets paid a lot of money to do these things doesn’t mean it still wont take one weak to make a fully functional Rifle or car. I am CAD certified and it takes me almost a week to design a 2D floor plan for a new home construction with EVERY LITTLE DETAIL drawn and placed to scale for building permits and that’s just one house. These guys are making a 3d model of basically Hawaii. Every component, object, or group is unique and takes someone to start from a blank 6 axis 3D modeling tool to create the model from scratch. Freaking Bambi.

  • Profile photo of Helmut Lootie


  • yay its out!!

  • Profile photo of KJagger
    KJagger Heli Hunter 8 months ago

    excellent fast work devs

  • william 8 months ago

    SO yea Adam, They are pushing serious content every two weeks now, An not just items. The Real foundations are being set in now and these are the first steps of those you see in the past three patches. Its only getting better. An as far as your comments on Dean. You can shut the hell up he’ll leave when he damn well wants to and he seems to be sticking around to make sure the game gets on solid ground. So all the better for it. Adam…..Never meant a single guy named Adam that wasn’t a Twat.

    • William, you must have a short memory and lack of common sense. Not to mention a lack of understanding when it comes to economics. The current competitors started after the standalone. They are now leaps and bounds ahead of the standalone. Did we pay them 30 dollars usd for this progress? No. However we did give Bohemia 60 millions dollars, a sum that would purchase 400 Ferrari’s. Serious content you say? You must mean the broken patches? The project beta stage in one year? As for memory, I think everyone has forgotten that Dean stated that the standalone wouldn’t cost more than 10 to 15 dollars, which has apparently doubled. Every right to leave the project when he want’s? Sure, he can do that of course. Many American CEO’s had the same idea when it came to the sub-prime market, who then took their money and helped as a “consultant” to clean up the mess. I’ve worked in marketing and banking my friend, I’ve served seven years in the armed forces, I’m 31 and have been around the block a few times. You don’t state that people shouldn’t purchase something yet and then throw it up on steam for 30, knowing full well a horde of die hard fans and kids will be throwing you money regardless. I was a shifty way to accumulate capitol for development with little progress considering the copious influx of funds. You must not have really read my post through and through or you would have caught that DayZ is my favorite game of all time and I would just like to see it completed. Ask the developers of Starpoint Gemini 2, how much time and money went into their game which is in beta and nearing completion for this September. As for the twat part. I have every right as a paying alpha tester to voice my opinion. Do I deserve criticism for my statements? Of course. We all have the right to question or critic. But a twat? I don’t think my concerns warranted that insult. This “twat”, is a guy who works tirelessly with little sleep to take care of my other half who suffers from PTSD, who takes care of his widowed mother who’s almost totally crippled from a back injury, and who never shy’s from handing a homeless person a 20 and grabbing them a coffee. When I do have a few hours to myself in the middle of the night while everyone else is sleeping, I just want to enjoy my favorite game of all time with a few buddies. And with 60 million made, I don’t want to enjoy it two years from now.

      • Adam that’s why it says still in ALPHA, DUMB ASS.

        • Nothingstrue 8 months ago

          I look at it this way at least Rocket didn’t say I need kick Starter money before I will release the game

  • How do you think Dean is starting his own studio? What’s funding that? Why do I criticize him having one foot out of the door? Well what do you think he’s doing with all the money we threw at him for DayZ?

    • Adam you are completely correct, the problem is the audience that you are speaking to does not understand basic economics. Do not get worked up my friend, hopefully Dean makes the right choices and finishes what he started.

      • Doonxib 8 months ago

        “hopefully Dean makes the right choices and finishes what he started.”

        When pigs fly. They can’t even balance the loot tables, or get civilian weapon mags to spawn in houses.

        • or spawn 5.56 at military bases when you clearly need it to shoot the AK 101, what I’m supposed to find a Helicopter crash sight every fucking time i want to reload or find another 30 round mag? That’s horse shit.

          • Buttfield 8 months ago

            Not much of a survival game if everything is handed to you… and didn’t I see somewhere that this an alpha? Oh yeah, every time I turn on the damn game there is a big red box that says so.

  • bohemia interactive own dayz now and have for months.

  • Profile photo of Uberfuhrer
    Uberfuhrer Bush Wookie 8 months ago

    Can’t wait for that lever action rifle.

  • Profile photo of SWAT
    SWAT Heli Hunter 8 months ago

    wow so much reading….

  • Baltasar87 8 months ago

    the last comment from SWAT :’) made my day after reading all the Adam’s topic. Which BTW I do believe that the game might be a lot frustrating (happened to me) to actually go look for damn helis and not finding them, of course my favorit clothes ruined in the time I actually comfront zombies with a broken axe. Or handcuffed myself while filling my canteen (WTF) but last night I found out what is worth about this game. Found a guy called Jacob (where are you bro? T_T) and we moved along some towns nearby airfield military base. It was awesome!!! Second time I find someone that actually does not betray you. I could call Dayz the modern “Facebook” while you actually have to feed and take care of your “avatar”.somehow.
    Ok, stupid comparison hahaha…. But that is Dayz. Asocial place. Aplace to hide from real trouble. A place to know friends with buggy as f**ck enviroment. But God, what a beautiful landscape.

    Welcome to DayZ and so if the y may take 2 years to go beta stage so be it.

    In the inmortal words of DayZ, “don’t shoot, I am friendly…. amen”

  • Czarny 8 months ago

    Adam, unlike some kids here I think you actually make few good points. Like you I actually earned that 30$ – feature that many people commenting here might lack. However I think that there is little merit in getting yourself worried about process that you cannot really affect in any way. Perhaps they will deliver much less then they promised and for sure – less then we expected. I highly doubt that in the end we are going to get a product worth that 30$.

    But what you somehow failed to notice that by buying it you also got access to further products that community is going to provide for free – primarly mods. I personally dont give a damn about Dean Hall, Bohemia and what they did with that 60 million dollars. And while I am greatfull for providing base game and new mechanics, I just cant wait till some talented members of this community are going to show what can really be done with a game in one year, little to no budget and devotion. We can already see fair amount of awesomeness on youtube. I guess its still a little bit unfair to buyers, but hey – it really comes down to the fact that you risked (thats right – risked) that 30$ by buying unfinished game.

    And finally… Holy shit! Winchester! Finally cowboy hats make sense!

  • How about we all put the technical stuff to rest and just play the game! We all paid our money and we all play the game so quit complaining and enjoy it!

  • Profile photo of Razz

    Glad the game is finally taking off.

  • I can’t remember the last time (outside of a giant textbook) I got 80 hours of entertainment out of anything for 20gbp. I will admit for being impatient for updates but impatience is all it is. I will try not to gush, but where this game will be in a few months time will be so far away from where it was a few months ago when I first became pvp fodder.
    It’s a shame people manage to sound like such spoiled, greedy fools when it comes to a video game. Still, it is the western world I suppose.
    See you on the coast x

    • Czarny 8 months ago

      What you are basically talking about is your subjective enjoyment of the current product. I would actually second your statement and say that I also got that 20 quid/30 dollars fun out of it. Despite it being an alpha and zombie walking through the walls…

      However when it comes to a more objective type of comparison, based on actual content and amount features/mechanics available, DayZ falls behind. Look at some other good games available and compare how much they offer. It really puts DayZ to shame.

      That’s what I mean by calling it “Product not worth 30$”. But it dose not mean that we are not going to have fun playing that game. Especially given all that mods that are going to start appearing in the future.

  • Profile photo of barracuda

    I know this game is in alfa. But i think the goal is to improve the alfa after an update, right?
    This game is more broke than it was at the verry beginning… Zombies hitting true roof, some updates they die with 2 punches on the head with my fists, next update they take 3 bullets from a mosin and are still alive. i don’t need cars, better weapons and al that, because everytime they add new gear , the other gear gliches/ doesn’t spawn . What happend to the grenades from update 0.46? the heli crashes?
    It’s an alfa and i know that, but everytime something is fixed, next update it’s broke again…
    new zombie pathfinding still doesn’t work, when you lock a zombi in a room he keeps hitting you.
    Shotgun hits almost never register/ new weapons are ultra rare like the mp5, last update it was in almost every police station, now haven’t found one in 2 weeks…

    All these things are still nothing compared to the ultimate frustration when a 15 year old hacking little douchebag comes flying by and kills me with an axe cause he has some godmode hack…
    So if any hackers are reading this : grow a dick and leave this game alone!

    • Fabian 8 months ago

      Dude, you are probably 10 years old.
      What language do you actually speak up there^^ IT’S an ALPHA!!!!!!
      However, I only met 2 Hackers in 200 hours of gameplay!
      And you can find grenades only at crash sides as far as I know.

      • Profile photo of barracuda

        i can speak german, dutch, french and english… i’m 22 years old and i know i make mistakes in writing and spelling.
        soooo , what about you? i would like to see you speaking in my native language, and if you only met 2 hackers in 200 houres of gameplay, you must have been hiding in a bush for 200 hours , or being to stupid to identify hacks.

        • Fabian 8 months ago

          Ich kann flüssig deutsch Sprechen und schreiben und habe Latein gelernt;)
          Und nein ich habe mich nicht 200 stunden lang in einem Busch versteckt…
          Aber es ist einfach so das meiner Meinung nach die Entwickler ihr bestes tun und sie es nicht verdient haben von Leuten wie dir (indirekt..) beleidigt zu werde.
          Es tut mir leid wenn ich mich so in deinem alter geirrt habe, aber (!) du musst zugeben das man dies leicht bei solchen gravierenden Fehlern wie Alfa annehmen kann…Da man derzeit sehr oft Alpha auf diversen Websiten und auch auf Steam lesen kann.
          Dennoch entschuldige ich mich für meine offenbar falsche Alterseinschätzung.
          Möglicherweiße ist für mich vielleicht nicht jeder der mich tötet ein Hacker.-.-

  • Profile photo of H1kari

    Console versions have allowed us to factor in a new renderer, ie DX11, any many other things not part of PC scope. Console versions come AFTER PC in priority but PC gets the benefits of things needed. As far as I am concerned, it’s a win win – Dean Hall


    • Czarny 8 months ago

      … and what’s so strange about that statement?

      • Once you bring console into the mix, the PC version will suffer as PC are much more powerful platform than consoles….it will come down to the lowest common denominator which is the console

        • Czarny 8 months ago

          … and where do you have evidence for that? There were many poor ports, but there have also few good ones.

          At this point anything said in that matter is just… a pure… speculation. And that includes Dean’s words too. PERHAPS its going to be decision that will backfire. PERHAPS not. How we can tell? Its going to arrive on consoles in ~2 years. Two. Fucking. Years.

          The only issue we can kinda guarantee that’s going to show up is with controls. It IS impossible to play DayZ on pad currently. But I don’t really see how this will hinder PC experience in any way. I played on controller from time to time (save aiming) controls were usually pretty neat and intuitive. Fewer buttons force game designers to show some creativity in that matter instead of simply assigning every new option to other button. Having every button assigned this is cool when you are playing some kind of u-boot simulator. Right now you need 8 buttons for 8 gestures while it easily could be 8 gestures in 1 button. And don’t tell me you never showed a finger to someone while searching for that neat thumbs up animation. Besides, riddle me this: how having bazzilion key bindings adds to player comfort or feel of realism or have anything to do with amount of FUN you gain?

  • Michael 8 months ago

    When is going to be the the update?

  • Profile photo of Antykain

    Nice to see the heli crash sites back in exp.. lookin forward to stable release again!

  • Profile photo of Elwood Blues

    Does anyone know if the perstistend loot and the tents are properly working now, as they were on experimental? or is it still not in like in the update last week?
    really want to build a camp now without it’s being deleted after restart… :(

    • Profile photo of FAQ2chief

      I just lost my tent!!! Don’t put it down whatever you do!!!

      • Profile photo of Elwood Blues

        do you know why I lost my tent, which I’ve carried arround for 2 weeks?
        cuz of a fucking character reset! ‘-.-
        So pissed off the game right now!
        if the devs would at least clearly warn the players that tents won’t work in this update but no, of course not…

  • Profile photo of Reqlum
    Reqlum Fresh Spawn 8 months ago

    Do guns spawn painted now? I found an SKS in a Prison that was already painted black and I wondered if someone had been there or they spawn painted now…

  • You can imagine our faces when my friend and I shot a zombie running towards us at least 30 times and it just kept running (gliding) by us. We found no loot at any castles and checked every marked spot on the “known heli crash locations” map found on the dayz wikia and didnt find jack squat. No tents, not crash sites, nothing. Considering the map is so big, it sure would be nice if there were more than 3 crashed helis on a map (or no crashed helis!) at any one time on a server restart.

  • Robert 8 months ago

    they could change zombie sounds like L4d or resident evil..

  • HanShotFirst77 8 months ago

    well the update appeared fine so far …BUT …since this update came out I had a hell of a lot problems with “character reset” I join or rejoin a regular public server and I spawn at the beach or elsewhere without any stuff I looted before! I rejoin and rejoin and change the server and rejoin again and nothing changes. happend 4 times now. does annyone have the same problem or even better found a soultion to this? H E L P! otherwise hours and hours of playing and surviving are just going down down the pixeldrain!

  • Profile photo of BondyTV

    Thanks for using my video! :)

  • Happykool 8 months ago

    As against it shall be well, fixed inventories when playing because when you switch from one server to another you lose everything and it gets annoying


    • Czarny 8 months ago

      If that happens, don’t move, switch server and do it until you will spawn with gear that you had before your character was “reset”.

      Works every time for me.

      Heard it’s because now experimental, hardcore and regular got mixed up somehow. Not sure what’s the source and I cannot second that statement, but that’s what I read on reddit and it’s the only real explanation I saw so far.

  • Profile photo of [5.56] Kobaia

    Fix the zombie wall cross over and long range zombie strike

  • Markus 8 months ago

    without vehicles is this game to lame to play it so i returned to the mod[Epoch] (the mod makes a lot of more fun)

  • aghninja 8 months ago

    I’ve found that if I will only join the servers that have (public:3pp:persistance:on) or however it is I keep the same character. If I join another server lets say one that has a different name but they way they list persistence is just by saying Persistence -Enabled I’ll be a fresh spawn. My advice try and stick with either the ones I use that start as dayz TX FL blah blah blah then the ()’s or try the opposite ones. Not sure if the latter ones work the same though.

  • Can the devs fix the looting body problem or are they already working on that?

  • Haven’t played in a while, until the most recent patch came out, got a group of friends together and headed off into the wild to hunt some steak :) enjoyed my experience thoroughly. there were a few bugs, invincible destroyer of items zombies ect.. but still an awsome game. However I did not like starting bambi twice after server restarts. I know its rare that it happens but seriously. Agree with an earlier statement that consistency needs to be implemented first before vehicle , i would hate to have just got my car running and the server restarts. enough to make a grown man cry!!!

    otherwise looking forward to new patches and new goodies. I feel for what i paid for the game that it was reasonable and actually cheap compared to all the other main titles out there like battlefield 4 and watchdogs for instance which cost a fortune and they both had many issues from start, so yeah i guess what im actually saying is that i feel like i am getting my monies worth.

    PS: Adam, chill out my bro, come jam with us on the South African servers.

  • Profile photo of WhiteViking

    uhm.. where is the tents?


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