Note: Zoombies mod is no more available. The mod has been take down by the developper due to Bohemia Interactive inquirie.

What You need

  • Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead AND Arma 2
  • Arma 3
  • .NET Framework 3.0
  • Optinal: Some patience


How to install Zoombies mod

  • 1. Register & Download the Zoombies Launcher v1.3 on the official website : Zoombiesmod.com
  • 2. To install, simply create a new folder anywhere and extract the provided files in there.
  • 3. When starting the Launcher it will prompt you to download the files.
  • 4. Click the download button and let the files download.
  • 5. When the download is finished the Launcher will close.
  • 6. Re-open the Launcher & click Launch.


Arma 3 DayZ “Zoombies” First impression

Zoombies mod was created on the 28th of April 2013, before that there was hype about someone possibly porting Dayz to arma 3 as a project, and eventually the cat was out of the bag and it was ported by Pwnz0r. Zoombies mod (changed from Dayz to hopefully not cause problems with rocket/bohemia) was born.

Since the first tests it has seen a rising popularity though frequent bugs, and arma 3 beta patch update breaks have caused some problems along the path of development. But the staff does not seem discouraged, and those who play seem generally positive about the mod as a whole.

The good

This newest iteration of the popular arma 2 mod runs on the new arma 3 engine, with ported in assets and community addons. A few things you will notice when playing that could be considered as positives

  • Increased performance (varies machine to machine)
  • Beautiful stunning graphics and effects thanks to the overhauled Arma 3
  • New animations, stances and movement make you feel more in control of your character with more fluid movements compared to the previous in arma 2
  • A new inventory system which once understood feels more realistic and makes more sense


The bad

The inventory system: Long term dayz players, myself included, are so used to the slot system this new Mass system feels alien and hard to get used to even though it feels more realistic.

Due to the newer engine and graphics some older systems may not have the same performance that they did on arma 2, which is unfortunate for some, you can see the difference in system requirements down below

The Ugly

The biggest problem on my first impression of the mod which I will not hold against Pwnz0r and his team is as of this point in time *july 26th 2013* are the issues caused by one of the dependencies addons : All in Arma or AiA. For those who know it that way. The problem with it at the current point in time is while playing on the server the black script debug screen will shot up in the top center of the screen, blocking out a fair decent screen real estate which makes seeing going up hill’s or looking up buildings troublesome.

But when I spoke to Pwnz0r he said AiA would hopefully be updated that day and he could update the mod in the day after to fix the issue. Other than that there are a few other random issues that will need to be worked out such as items occasionally vanishing on reloging, random server crashes, problems getting into servers ect. Everything that is expected out of an alpha/beta build.



If you get an exeption when clicking launch
Make sure you have installed the prerequisites for Arma3.To do that simply launch Arma 3 once after installing via steam.

If you are stuck on Recieving data
Wait a few minutes and try again.

If your game crashes when joining a server
Make sure you wait a few seconds (~10) before you close any error messages.

If you get “bad version”
Make sure to install the latest dev version of Arma3. To do that right click on Arma3 in steam, click settings, go to the “betas” tab and select Dev build in the dropdown menu

If you get “Arma3 is not responding” while joining a server.
Close Arma 3 and try again.

If you are still getting errors regardless of how you try downloading here is the alternative
Sorry that you are unable to download the launcher. Many survivors are having the same problem(s).
That is the alternative. If your paths are different for A2, A2OA, and A3 make sure to modify that batch file to make it work.

0.1.6 Changelog (Arma 3 Beta)

  • [FIXED] Possibly fixed vests getting cleared and magazines duping? (Still testing)
  • [FIXED] Sniper rifles (except M107 and AS50) now fit in your backpack. (Including M14 and Enfield)
  • [FIXED] Toolboxes, entrenching tool, matchbox, and knife can be picked up and now save properly.
  • [FIXED] Picking up a hatchet will no longer delete your primary.
  • [FIXED] All maps, GPS, compasses, and Watches spawn properly now.
  • [FIXED] Zombies now spawn with randomized loot.
  • [FIXED] Repairing fully fixed.
  • [FIXED] Tents and car parts can now be picked up without problems.
  • [UPDATE] Lowered SMP spawn chances.
  • [UPDATE] Humanity restores slower over time then it did before.
  • [UPDATE] Non silenced rounds now work on most silenced weapons.
  • [UPDATE] Helicopters spawn faster.
  • [UPDATE] Zombies and loot will spawn now if you’re in a car.
  • [UPDATE] Altered the amount of space items take up to be more reasonable.
  • [NEW] More loot spawns on the roof tops of hospitals.
  • [NEW] Epinephrine now gives you 3 minutes of adrenaline if used on yourself. Has some side effects.
  • [NEW] M8 Compact, M8 Sharpshooter, Lapua, PDW SD, (ArmA3) Rook, (ArmA3) P07, M24 Desert, Mk12 SPR, G36C SD, G36C, RPK, and PKM added to loot tables.
  • [NEW] Pressing the down arrow will open the menu for breaking and combining ammo.
  • [NEW] You can now take the clothes of a dead survivor.
  • [NEW] Added a level 2 hero and bandit.
  • [NEW] More loot spawns to residential buildings.


Known Bugs

  • Flashlights are broken.
  • Dying and respawning too fast may cause you to respawn with the same items in the same spot. Clear you hive data if that happens!
  • Ammo menu may not load the input correctly on first try.
  • Vests can randomly clear upon relogging. (Very small chance).
  • Relogging or changing models may dupe your current mag. (Arma 3 magazine bug, not a saving bug).
  • Group menu shows all buttons on accident.


Things to come

  • New group menu.
  • More skins.
  • More buildings.
  • More vehicle spawns.
  • More weapons.


  • Caleb Duke 1 year ago

    Loaded up the game perfectly but when I try to connect to a server it freezes then crashes.. I’ve tried COUNTLESS times on restarting, waiting, reinstalling, everything.. Suggestions..?

    • HElPER 1 year ago

      run the arma 2 + arma AO first then try

    • Anonymous 1 year ago

      Go to editer Place a blufor PMC Guardian and select previeuw, should work like a charm

    • ryan 1 year ago

      i did everything and it still wont work can any one help me plz im dying here

  • Knipknap 1 year ago

    I also got a problem i download the dam zoombies and when i click on mp there ar 6 servers (Dayz) but when i click on it its saying bad version and i got the newest version:S

    • ihasapod 1 year ago

      yeah me too

    • steve 1 year ago

      if you have Steam, right click on arma3 in library the click beta tab, then opt out of dev build in order to play zoombies. if you want to play arma3 online you have to opt back in to dev build. irritating but thats what ive found.

  • Ganjamann 1 year ago

    hey man thanks for the installation guide.. i can join a server without a problem choose my character without a problem but wen its loading the map after u select the character it crashes sayin “Arma 3 alpas has stopped working” and i have to close the game.. this happens everytime.. please reply..
    Thanks in advance. :)

    • lconikez 1 year ago

      Yeh open arma 2 and arma 2 oa before you run the launcher, this prepares the map, you must do this after every time your restart your computer.

  • KaptnGraves 1 year ago

    I got it to work by deselecting the opt for beta option in Arma 3 once it installed what it needed to.

  • Solvit 1 year ago

    Every time i Launch the game via the Zoombie launcher I get first the error ” Addon `dayz_anim` requires addon `mission_ew` ” i klick on OK and the next error shows up:” config.bin/CfgWeapons/G36_C_SD_eotech/Burst/: Cannot find base class `Burst` “. Afther i klick OK the games just close.

  • fabiofloyd 1 year ago

    always crash after receive mission file

  • gandalf 1 year ago

    Hey not with me is the Zoombiesmod.com page or I kan Download nich maybe someone has a second download link?

  • Clayton 1 year ago

    Mod works but when i play i often see a black screen error message that disappears after a while and then appears again. WTF???

    • Hung-Emmao 1 year ago

      Use to join another server … normaly this stand for wrong version … or just another version on as on the server

  • Profile photo of Cpt. Moustache

    Good job.
    However I think the colours are too saturated. There is something that really hurts the original DayZ atmosphere. It feels like we’re on the beach but with zombies and car crashes. (Hey Dead Island!)
    I really hope that the Standalone ambiance will be more like the movie ” The Road ” like the dev’ team told us.

  • ZN2012 1 year ago

    Installed fine. Begins to load fine. After connecting to a server, the game freezes then crashes on the DayzArma3 load screen Any idea on how to fix? And thanks for porting this over

  • ZN2012 1 year ago

    Ok those having the game freeze issue, here is what worked for me*may not work for all. After you install the mod, just restart the pc, run steam as admin*i always run as admin, so I think the restart fixed my issue. anyway great work on the mod! love it

  • Austin70015 1 year ago

    When you get to the zoombies website were do you go to download it

  • calum 1 year ago

    here is the link with the download for the launcher :D


  • 5318008 1 year ago

    This may not be around for much longer, once Rocket (dev of dayz standalonge) comes back down from Mt Everest, the real DayZ team will be making a decision on whether to let this mod continue.

    • Profile photo of JohnFromSteam

      Not really, it can continue since DayZ is a MOD for a game, so they can’t do anything to this mod, since it’s for ARMA 3.

      • BonBon 1 year ago

        Not true. The ARMA 3 mod uses most of the code from the original DayZ mod.

  • Travis 1 year ago

    I can’t get anything to Launch… Every time I run the launcher and click Launch, I get this error “Unhandled exception has occurred in your application. If you click continue… … The system cannot find the file specified.”

    I have Arma 2, Arma 2 OA/CO, Arma 3. I have ran all three at least once before launching, I’ve switched Arma 3 to the dev build, I’ve tried without the dev build. I updated my dotnet framework to 4.5, I’ve followed up on all troubleshooting options, nothing has worked. Do my DayZ files need to be in a specific location? I run them off a second harddrive? Could it be that it is looking for DayZ files and can’t find them.

    Please help, I am out of ideas.

    • Larethean 1 year ago

      I’m having the same problem Travis, I’ll be doing some serious digging around on the web tomorrow to see if I can find any information about what is the cause of this error or how to fix it. If anyone already knows of a fix for it and can holler before then, that would be greatly appreciated!

  • Profile photo of pkbk
    pkbk Fresh Spawn 1 year ago

    I Have the Microsoft NetFramework 4 it will Work?

  • Profile photo of pkbk
    pkbk Fresh Spawn 1 year ago

    The game open , Run Normal but Don’t find servers anyone help me?

  • Ricco Ng 1 year ago

    when I click installation check, it says my Arma2, Arma2OA, Arma2OA Beta, abd Arma3 aren’t installed, even thou it is. solution?

  • eston 1 year ago

    only vers. 0.1.3 servers …but launcher is :( it dont work :(

  • So after I join a server and choose my slot, I see the DAYZ logo, and Chernarus in the top left corner, but I’m stuck there loading.

  • Profile photo of

    Good job ;)

  • Profile photo of JohnFromSteam

    Update the servers. It has wrong version.

  • Kilo 1 year ago

    After everything I’ve tried I have come to realize that its not me its YOU and your 1.3 and not 1.3.1 version. MEANING update your servers guys! I am really anxious to see another edition to this game.

  • ErkY 1 year ago

    I see in my Launcher at the Installation Check and only Arma 2 : OA Beta is NOT INSTALLED. How can i Fix this Issue. i Installed already the Beta version but Arma 2 and Arma 2 OA aren´t at STEAM !! Can Somebody Help?

  • semplex 1 year ago

    Hello if I got a global ban on Arma 2 Dayz from battleye can i still play ARMA 3 DayZ?

  • ErkY 1 year ago

    No my ArmA2 and ArmA 2 OA are from Discs and not Steam. only Arma 3 is from steam. how can i now fix the Issue from the Zombie Launcher that my Installation Check for Arma 2 OA Beta is INSTALLED. also I Installed every new Version of Beta. should i may install an Older Version of Arma 2 OA BETA ??

    • Profile photo of Illuminist
      Illuminist Fresh Spawn 1 year ago

      Did you ever fix this as i need to fix the exact same problem, everything fine apart from the beta on the installation check, because arma 2 oa was downloaded from gamestop not steam.
      Please Please, if some one knows what to do i would be so grateful.

  • Allen 1 year ago

    When i load the game i join a server i select my role then it loads then it brings the role select thing again says an error (missing zombies crouch or something like that) i wait 10 seconds click close and it goes black screen and crashes i will repost if i find a solution.

  • mizzoufan96 1 year ago

    I downloaded everything and installed. I have 59.105679 Alpha Build, but the 1.4 servers are running 58.104711.

    I don’t know how to downgrade.

    The only 59.105679 server I found is running 1.3….

  • AkkaNation 1 year ago

    Same problem here. Wrong version.

  • Whelan 1 year ago

    Yeah I just got back from a party and now all the servers are on the old version, but yet some how they are almost full, how are people getting around this?

  • mizzoufan96 1 year ago

    Hatchet is OP

  • Profile photo of Toni Hakola
    Toni Hakola Fresh Spawn 1 year ago

    Bad Version all the fcking time….

  • Hoster 1 year ago

    Ok, yeah, don’t listen to any of this crap and just go to the actual help description: http://zoombiesmod.com/index.php?threads/help-how-to-play-dayz-on-arma-3.155/

    Where, I might add, they specifically tell you tell you not to opt for the development build of Arma 3, with huge red text no less. This “tutorial” needs a serious update. Go figure.

  • So you say to not opt into the dev build but then say opt into the dev build, Which one please.

  • Nick 1 year ago

    Do not opt in for the dev build, this guide is outdated and needs to be updated as we no longer run the dev build on the servers and you will not be able to connect if you opt in for dev build.

  • Steven 1 year ago

    After using the batch file that this website has linked at the bottom of the how-to part (If you are still getting errors) I have had my GPU go to 100% usage when doing nothing on my PC! I would like to know how to fix this please, Its quite annoying hearing the fan on 7970 go to 60% and listening to a jet take off for no reason or whilst browsing the internet. Please help… The link is here:

  • sky770 1 year ago

    I own a box copy of ArmA X (its the anniversary edition and has all the previous versions of armaS in it :D ) and my Arma 3 is on steam :3

    So, will that be a prob for arma 3 dayz mod? :s

  • Profile photo of Fliskt
    Fliskt Fresh Spawn 1 year ago


  • Profile photo of Bacon
    Bacon Fresh Spawn 1 year ago

    Fuckn crap still launcher still doesn’t read my arma 3 but everything else no matter what i’ve tried

  • cheap professional seo 1 year ago

    If some one wishes to be updated with hottest technologies
    then he must be visit this site and be up to date every day.

  • Profile photo of LawaBoy
    LawaBoy Fresh Spawn 1 year ago

    I have given up on this game, I cannot join any server even though I got same DayZ version and same or better Arma 3 version. I cant find any solutions so I guess ill just have to wait for the stand alone…

    • Craig 1 year ago

      Have you tried opening ARMA 2 & Then ARMA 2 OA (Operation Arrowhead) then re-opening the bat file? if you have that, or the launcher. I’m using the BAT file which is working fine for me (Latest version to date).

  • Profile photo of the boss
    the boss Fresh Spawn 1 year ago

    can u only have arma 3 and still play dayz ???

    • Profile photo of LawaBoy
      LawaBoy Fresh Spawn 1 year ago

      I got Arma 2 and Arma 2 OA, as well as Arma 3. The Arma 3 game works fine, I can start A3 DayZ but all servers say I have a bad client.

    • Profile photo of LawaBoy
      LawaBoy Fresh Spawn 1 year ago

      As far as I can tell from all the sites I’ve visited you need Arma 2, Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead and Arma 3 to play DayZ on Arma 3.

      • Craig 1 year ago

        If these are all linked to steam, close steam down re-open as admin then run A2 Then A2 OA, – Both then close down, check A3 again if that doesn’t work, restart your PC then re-opens team as Admin and apply the process again, if this doesn’t work apply the same process as above but use the bat file given in the link on zoombies website! that will help locate the file – if you are on the right version as servers it will state in the lower right hand screen before you select “play” – “multiplayer”.

  • CaMoTraX 1 year ago

    I can’t confirm my Account on the Forums -.-‘
    Always getting the “Can’T confirm” Error

    • craig 1 year ago

      Make sure your email address and username is a valid prefix, otherwise it may be the way you type your name out. any other notification that warns you otherwise?

  • viktor 1 year ago

    when i try to start zombie.its come up an error that say. can´t find the files: what shuld i do?

  • kitchen & dining 1 year ago

    Hello, i think that i saw you visited my website so i came to
    “return the favor”.I am trying to find things to enhance my website!
    I suppose its ok to use a few of your ideas!!

  • John 1 year ago

    i cant get the verifcation email from the website someone help

  • Oliver 1 year ago

    Why do I need ARMA 2? It is just stupid, I don’t want to buy a game that I don’t want to play, to play a mod to a game I already own? FIX IT!

    • YouMad 1 year ago

      Entitlement’s a bitch.

    • Ryryrockband 1 year ago

      I agree. Find a fix. Thats stupid to have to get another game I will never use. Otherwise, why not just get arma 2 and use DayZ?? Fix this please.

  • PCGamer posts links to your website, your site crashes due to influx of traffic. GG

  • Digital Demise 1 year ago

    Hey every time I join a server there is this little black box with a stream of running error codes and path file names. Any solution?

    • Charanor 1 year ago

      @Digital Demise, i’m having the same problem as you, would be pleased to hear from someone that has a fix.

      • Pyriis 1 year ago

        Same here, makes the game unplayable, and also, nothing shows up on the server select screen, I can click on boxes, and click join, but no sever descriptions or how many players are on the server. nothing..

        • Charanor 1 year ago

          Exactly! I have tried googling on the problem but to no avail.

          • Digital Demise 1 year ago

            They seem to happen while in the actual Arma 3 beta too sooo maybe the recent update for it did that

  • polly 1 year ago

    Couple of questions:
    1. My Arma 2, Arma 2 OA are NON STEAM and my Arma 3 beta IS STEAM. Will this cause any issues?
    2. The instructions say to OPT OUT OF BETA, yet the troubleshooting solutions suggest to SWITCH TO DEV BUILD. Which is it?

  • Rath 1 year ago

    Everything works fine but as soon as I get in the game a black box with a bunch of errors appears. I can play but it’s just kinda in the way and annoying.

  • Charanor 1 year ago

    If you get any error messages when you load into a server try waiting before you close them, this will make the errors go away temporarily. If you get any errors while in game just wait for a bit and they
    -should- go away. Also refrain from pressing ESC as that seems to trigger the message again.

  • dacamell 1 year ago

    90% of the time when i join a server everything works fine. Then it just says arma 3 has stoped working and crashes. I tried waiting and nothing. Ive made sure i waited 10 sec for the error screens. Also when i do join a server there is a black box that keeps showing random file locations idk if it is saying im missing them or what but its just a cmd like black box that just has random stuff scrolling constantly

  • Shadow Saint 1 year ago

    Why cant i find any servers?

  • Phat 1 year ago

    I have no trouble getting into the servers, though i cannot tell which one i am joining due to the names not appearing in the server lobby. And also i have black box in the middle of my screen the entire time im playing coming up with words and numbers. like a debug menu?
    With things like
    “error Undefined variable…”

  • Andre 1 year ago

    The servers is a updated servers, 0,74 and i have 0,72 or something. is there a update coming?

  • The Stig 1 year ago

    I’ve wasted 5 hours of my life trying to get that working. It doesn’t work. May I suggest in future, that “NEWS” posts only actually make it through to the Steam news page *if* it is an official update or news item. Clearly only a small percentage can get it to work at all. Why on earth did this article even reach the steam application? It’s as though STEAM haven’t checked or tried out this MOD at all. It’s about quality control. If this was a meal in a restaurant, Gordon Ramsey would have thrown it in the bin. Can I have my 5 hours of wasted time back please? No. No I thought not.

    Thanks for wasting so many people’s time. Personally, I’ll be sure to have another go at it in ten years when it *might* have a chance of working.

  • Profile photo of Quatchy
    Quatchy Fresh Spawn 1 year ago

    Took a while to get it working but my, my what sweetness is this. :)

  • the Pontus 1 year ago


    “no enrty ‘config.bin/CfgMovesBasic/ Action.ZombieCrouchActions.'”

    And then when it done loading it crashes :(

  • Sondre 1 year ago

    Hey got a little issue. When i start the launcher it says “Addon `dayz_anim` requiers addon `CA_modules_alice”

    What should I do to fix this?

  • nick 1 year ago

    every time I start up launch it has this error unhandled exception has occurred blah blah blah then if I go to installation check it claims that I don’t have any of the Arma’s downloaded when ive tried starting them all up on steam but still nothing can someone HELP PLEEAASEE!!!

  • Mark 1 year ago

    WORST KEY CAPTCHA EVER. I am now going full retard.

    Actually considered saying just fuck it after all this effort for a FUCKING CAPTCHA. Rofl, just use a real one for fucks sake.

  • Profile photo of MrAwaken
    MrAwaken Fresh Spawn 1 year ago

    It’s no servers up for me :( any help?

  • EN3RGGY 1 year ago

    I have ARMA 3 on one STEAM ACCOUNT and ARMA 2 + Op. Arrowhead on another STEAM ACCOUNT.
    Am I still able to play it?

  • It’s arma 2 + arma 3 inventory system, right ?

  • when i launch the game and when i try to go into a server it says bad version and i want to play help fast

  • Ercandize 1 year ago

    How can i start Zoombies Mod without steam?

    I have Arma 3 for steam but arma 2 and arma 2 oa not for steam and the launcher always says ArmAOA2Beta not installed… what should i do??

  • MAthew 1 year ago

    Ok so everything EVERYONE has said is retarded and bullshit all you have to do to get it to work is SET THE LAUNCH PARAMETERS. Unfourtunatley I don’t know what they are…. its so crazy shit like -nosplash – chernaurus…. some other shit, do NOT opt out for the dev build version just right click arma 3 beta in ur steam got to properties then go to set launch options — that’s where u type in or copy and paste the launch parameters like I did, then it gets rid of ALL the issues, servers crashing when it seems like it will work all the shit blah blah. now I have no fucking clue where to find the launch parameters as I said a buddy sent them to me and I copy and pasted, fixed everything! it plays like a champ now, so its just up to you to find the launch parameters for yourself I guess haha ttyl good luck!

  • Mathew 1 year ago

    ok so I found it open your folder with ur zoombies shit and click parameters then copy and paste that in Arma 3 beta – right click – then click properties- then click set launch options then paste it in there ad play XD

  • Jack 1 year ago

    When will you fix the eating and drinking mechanic

  • Jared 1 year ago

    “An error has occurred” When I try to download the ‘mod’ from the stupid launcher. Seriously guys, does this thing even work?

  • Radbo 1 year ago

    What is that problem with that zombies? They are all out for a walk? I see, like they are coming closer not to try to eat you, but ask you “what time it is?”. Or they all are not hungry?

    I think, that this is a biggest, no, BIGGEST issue, that must be fixed.

    What the point in all that unarmed weird walking men, when you can safely walk among them?

  • Ryryrockband 1 year ago

    Is there ANY way at all to do this without arma 2 and arma oa? I can’t get these so I need a way to play it without them. The only reason I got the game was to play this mod. I have no idea how to use these forums so if these doesn’t tell me, contact me at ryryrockband@gmail.com

  • Griggs 1 year ago

    Am I only one here who think, that there is no need in m24 in desert camo in Chernorus?

  • thuggins52 1 year ago

    is a windows 7 with intel premium and a b950 processor good enough to run arma??
    Please help..

  • MewTheKitten 1 year ago

    Yea to bad its not like it used to they dont give 2 shits about DayzA3 they need to cause there’s alot of people who’s wanting to play but they cant because of these bullshit buggy servers thats why everyone is still on DayzA2 and shit because the dev’s for dayzA3 is not working hard enough

  • Bambee 1 year ago

    Can I play this zoombie mod without arma 2 and arma 2 OA? just I havent bought thoose games and I really want to play ArmA 3 DayZ.. :(

  • TO fix all your problems U just must use Steam Engine guys , u must use it , but if u have a pirated version of the game use YouTube site and follow the instructions that will be given on it

  • 127_Leader 1 year ago

    Good luck for killing & Hunting

  • Guilherme 1 year ago

    i need arma 2 to play dayz on arma 3?


  • baarnijs 1 year ago

    Well, I download Launcher, Install it and it always crashes. I have no idea why it happens, but it shows that I cant connect to some kind of server or host.

  • ploerj 1 year ago

    When I use the installer i get a microsoft .net framework notification about an unhandled exception

  • Profile photo of Kirly23
    Kirly23 Fresh Spawn 1 year ago

    How I can register this Zoombiesmod.com???? I cant find any register button. help

  • zer0darkx 1 year ago

    Sadly zoombiesmod.com is no more. They said they are forced to shut down due to a new license from Bohemia. So no more updates for this mod will be coming out.

  • DARK 1 year ago

    where do i get this mod from ?? cant find it

  • Profile photo of shonman
    shonman Fresh Spawn 1 year ago

    How do I download the mod?

  • Guys, you cannot download this mod anymore, due to licensing from Bohemia they were forced to shutdown, and they have pulled the files off their website and shutdown the servers.

  • Profile photo of Joel1903
    Joel1903 Fresh Spawn 1 year ago

    where can i download DayZ?

  • lovely 10 months ago

    WOW just what I was searching for. Came here by searching for adventure

  • Teirdalin 10 months ago

    They took the mod down due to an inquire from-.. does Bohemia think they own the rights to zombies or something? Since when was making fan mods illegal; just seems stupid to mess with their fanbase?

  • рыба в фольге 10 months ago

    I was suggested this website by my cousin. I am
    not sure whether this post is written by him as no one else know such detailed about my
    difficulty. You’re amazing! Thanks!

  • Sprokket 10 months ago

    FYI the mod is dead because of Bohemia.

  • Profile photo of Daryl Dixon

    I follow to the zoombies link and it shows me a list of ADS not the MOD anyone help?

  • CORINGA 9 months ago

    se alguem sober de como joga dayz pro arma 3 me procure
    SKYPE: joaopaulo.tnt

  • Profile photo of Krayzie
    Krayzie Fresh Spawn 7 months ago

    Need to add this mod back in to Arma 3 i don’t like Arma 2 cause of the bad graphics please add it back please!!!

  • tumokai 6 months ago

    i love zombie games and this is one

  • ipad flash player 6 months ago

    Your style is really unique compared to other folks
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