Hello community, I’ve been thinking a lot lately. I would love to see DayZ Standalone do wonderfully, but there are a few thing that need to happen before the game can shine.

1.) There needs to be missions, or some type of quest system

While i play DayZ i get joy from looting sure, but i would like to see more content added to just looting like quest, safe-zones, and being rewarded for server-wide missions

2.) Currency needs to be added and you must be able to earn it, and not pay for the currency.

Currency will add so much depth such as buying weapons, vehicles, and territory to build basses on.


There are so many players waiting for mod support willing to help devs with the game for free. Honestly they might even be better at delivering the community’s wishes.

4.)Intelligent AI such as other groups of AI survivors making the game more fun for players on low pop servers.

5.) Increased loot , and zombie spawns.

There does not need to be a drastic increase in loot, slight will do, but when I’m wandering around i never encounter zombies a more frequent spawn would be nice as well as more spawn points.

Devs, if you could do everything I just said, your game would be game of the year.

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  • I disagree !
    Adding AI (other than animal and infected ) and mission have no place in the Vanilla DayZ.
    You should as a player give mission to other players or yourself, this is what make DayZ great.
    For that I’m waiting for a better communication system, way more Zombie with horde, players camp.
    Imagine a way to control the direction of an horde of infected ( with sound or yourdelf as a bait) and direct them in a other players camp wich you know the position thanks to an other player who communicated it by radio.
    No need to survivor AI or mission the player themself should give life to the game !

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    I like the idea of missions but ai will break my immersion because they are dumb and players aren’t. I could see a mission where a distress call is called on the radio for convoy that got ambushed with dead military people and zombies eating them. Players could then use the walkie talkie to receive coordinates and put it into a gps and find where the mission is. There would be three types of missions: Ambushed Convoy, Downed chopper crash, and supply drop.
    The loot could be better on the coast because it is not that great right now and I wish you could spawn in Cherno again it is a very quiet city now compared to Berezino.

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    If they add mod support I’m quite sure everything you asked for can be done. But I think some of your Ideas contradict their vision of Dayz being a realistic mix out both survival game and simulation.