Is anyone else experiencing a massive dip in FPS since the last couple of Experimental updates and also the build currently on stable? I just built a brand new PC for playing mainly DayZ last weekend and after a few hours of initial play testing I was having no trouble running the game with every setting as high as it could go at 50fps. Now I jumped into experimental the day after and there was a new build out and once I downloaded it and joined a server I noticed my frames had dropped drastically from 50 to about 20 and below. I turned down a few settings to normal and lowish and it made maybe a 2-3 frame difference. A week later I’m here about an hour ago playing the stable build and my frames are on 14 on the lowest possible settings. So now I’m incredibly frustrated as I paid a good amount of money for a good build to run DayZ and DayZ isn’t delivering?

Is this just an issue with the latest builds or am I the only one having this issue?

PC Specs if they help:
– i7 6700
– GTX 1060 6Gb
– 8Gb DDR4 RAM


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    Alright i wanna get in here to, i have a gtx 1080 an a i7 5930k and im laggy to, the fps can be around 60-90 but sometimes insta drop to 10-20.

    Also some freeze lag been ive been feeling that is kinda annoying.

    Hope the team will fix this issue!

  • Download GeForce Experience and then download the drivers
    If you dont have the drivers this will explain the 50fps

  • Hi, I have same problem. I could run Dayz in Novo, Electro, Berezino at 35-50 fps, which is awesome for my machine. But after one of the exp updates fps dropped massively in the bigger towns. Like in old renderer dayz, below 20. Also in much less crowded locations fps drops a lot from time to time.

    Nothing has changed on my end.

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    so guys listen i have a shity pc here the specs
    i3 2120 old af
    4gb ram
    gpu amd hd 6850 1gbvram -_-

    and still i play 60-70 woods-vilages
    30-40 towns sometimes drops at 20 and below for like 2 secs

    u dont need to max every setting put objects at medium textures and filtering at high
    shadows low type some launch options search them on google modify the game documents a bit like the view distances u should get some decent frames with the game still looking good
    remember its still not optimised i have friends with beast pcs they still cant play max so relax it will be fixed