Imrob420 Heli Hunter 11 months ago

Question1 – is it safe to drink from ponds in 0.62 or will you get sick?

Question2 – is if the duckteip is easier to get free from when tied up then rope is? And is handcuffs harder to escape than rope? If not, A three stage of tying people up would be a nice eddition to the game. This is actually one of the more realistic things that actually would work and still be “fun”.

Question3 – How much of the Medics in the game are working right now and do we know if devs are having any plans on this for beta?

Idea1 – When you press F3 and sit down you should be able to aim and fire, Something i was testing the other day and it does not work but its a feature that i would hope getting added.

Idea2 – Being able to put ghillie hood on a balistic helmet is a feature i would love to see, Anyone else?

Idea3 – Spray paint more stuff, Like the impovised backpack and the yellow protector case. Green or black, Mix G/B and make como improvised backpack? Another thing in game would be awesome to be able to paint with this colours are the plater carrier vest. Same with that one Green or black, Mix G/B and make como plate carrier.

Idea4 – Cleaning kit for the Weapon Attachments, A thing i have like to see along time, Theres no way to repair any attachments and a attachments cleaning kit would be perfect add for that.

Idea5 – Be able to spray paint knife with Black/green Spray paint and make Camo knife.

If anyone else have ideas feel free to drop them!