Nick Fresh Spawn 2 years ago

I have recently been playing a new Role Play server for the past couple of weeks and might I say it has To be my favorite. The admins are lovely and good to talk to just be sure to be respectful. It has two official trading zones on the map but also other trading zones not run by staff. and it is a VERY respectful community to be in!

All in all the server currently doesnt have the amount of players it deserves, averaging around 10-15 players through out the day and 3-5 through out the night… Please help us change that and become part of this GREAT community!


Everything you are looking for on rules and how to join are here on this forum site:


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    Theres no problem finding satisfaction in an investment. People dont HAVE TO RENT SERVERS, they spend time and money to get them up like I DO and we do it GENEROUSLY, we dont do it to make it rich, thats not this kind of business. I respect that he is trying to enjoy his investment and potentially populate it as well. There plenty of players in DayZ, one of them is bound to get tired of the same shit day in and day out. New Servers are the cure. Thanks man. My server is Survival Life RP, I wrote you guys and email. Get back to me.

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    Shameless self-advertisement… Lol