I would like to get everyone’s help to boycott the DayZ colony US 3 PVE server. This server is a no KOS or harm to other colonists. On 12/21 my brother and I were looting the northwest air field having a good time. During the looting I found a stun baton. We decided to try it out on the next zombie we ran into. As normal the zombie appeared out of nowhere and attacked my brother. I came to help him and stabbed the zombie with the stun baton and all it seemed to do was piss him off. So I backed off and told him to shoot it. after that we continued looting we found a flash bang in the last barracks at the southeast end of of the runway. We were bored so we decided to throw the flash bang onto the runway to get the zombies attention and have some fun shooting them. Well that didn’t seem to phase them they stayed right where they were. So we decided to head back to our tent and call it quits for the night. We were running down the runway and the next thing I know my screen turns black with this mesage displayed.

You were kicked off the game. (Battleye :Admin Ban (PVP (21 Dec – 19:42:54)))

I was kicked for PVP, I call BS, I didn’t PVP anyone.

After doing a little resurch on how to get un-banned we came across similar complainants about the people running this server. It turns out that that random people are getting banned and when they try to get back on to the server the owners demand money to be let back on. Now, is this not extortion? Is extortion not illegal any more? Why is Battleye not putting a halt to this, since they are legally an accomplice to the crime?

Here is a link to another persons story

DayZ Colony server trying to charge $5.00 to get unbanned? from dayz

So please do not play on this server, tell all your DayZ friends this story and help shut these criminals down.


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    I played on that server many times and never had a single problem. The only thing was that I wasn’t able to get whitelisted because I didn’t have a facebook profile. I always followed the rules and never got banned. Most people were nice on that server.

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      Thanks for being honest. As you can see by my extended replies, John is in error.

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      I have a few hundred hours on that server. I have always been friendly and have helped players. The last one we helped was the day before I got banned. A player came up to us and needed help. It was poring rain and he had hypothermia. So my brother and I made a fire for him and asked if he need anything else, he said he didn’t. He thanked us for our help and we then continued on our way. Others have been willing to help me when I was starting out. Most of the players are top notch. My brother has run into a couple of A- holes that KOSed him. But that was not the norm. I have no problems with the players. The person who was at fault here was the Admin on duty at the time. He owes me an apology and should un-ban me. And even then I don’t think I would play there anymore. This person ruined my experience on this server and should be banned himself from being an admin on any DayZ server ever again . He doesn’t deserve the privilege of doing so.

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    Hi John,

    We’re sorry you feel like destroying our project because you can’t accept responsibility for your own actions. It is truly sad to see people act this way. I found the log where you hit your brother, so feel free to stop lying please.


    The timestamp matches your offense and the date coincides as well. Maybe it’s time to be a big boy now and apologize?

    Bohemia Interactive allowed us to charge a variety of fee’s for bans. Our ban load is too high (7k now) and we mostly used it to fund the project as well as create a deterrent for potential habitual offenders. People will think twice, and they did (it worked) before making any mistakes. We had a 3 and 5 dollar fee depending on the crime. Not everybody got the opportunity. Proof as seen here:


    Maybe you should call Bohemia Interactive mean names instead of us?

    Our monetization was revoked because of YouTuber influence on BI. Crybaby YouTuber didn’t like what we did so they complained to BI who loves free press. Risk losing free press to millions of people or revoke our authorized fee, the choice is obvious is it not? This fee was revoked 9 or so months ago, so please stop spreading lies. Check reddit for proof. I’ve spent my precious time on this planet providing two solid sources, you can find the last. It’s a big world out there John and you need to learn how to do your own work.

    In closing, as we can see we have another person twisting the truth to suite their own agenda. This is how we get a bad name. People break rules, lie about breaking the rules, then twist the story around to make themselves innocent and us guilty. Yay! We have done nothing wrong and will continue to be transparent and show people the PROOF. My work is done here.

    Best of luck in 2018,

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    If that’s really true, something has to be done about it. People who run that server have here the opportunity to reply to that complaint.

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    I was with my Brother and I can confirm this happened to him. I was shocked when he told me that he Just got kicked off. I was like what the ….. you did nothing wrong why would they kick you. we when over every thing that we did and could not come up with anything that was done wrong. there was no other players in the area. this was one of the servers we liked to use. we prefer to use the PVE servers and run into others and talk over how things are going. but after this there are other servers we can play.

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      Don’t you think it’s appropriate to apologize to me?

      • I will apologize, and yes I see on the log and that he did hit me with a stun baton but he was trying to get a Zombie that was chasing me. and there was no way that I seen that I was hit, we were messing around trying to see if the stun baton did anything to the zombies. He was not trying to hit me. I did not even know I was hit. the ban was not instant after that. we were running threw the airfield and it came up and said he was band about 2 minutes or so after we were messing around that is why we were confused as to why. It would be nice if a person could see why BI bid this at the time it does it and that would stop people form thinking that the got band for no reason. Like stating you got ban for hitting another person or something like that. not just you been band…so yes you are right. BI bid record the hit. understand we were also confused because we did not see it. So again I do apologize

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          Hello Tom,

          Thanks for the response! We are pleased as punch to read your apology. =)

          To clarify some things, staff has no idea he wasn’t trying to hit you, we can’t read minds. We see players landing a single punch/melee/etc all the time. Our telemetry (video’s, data, confession’s, eye witness’, etc) shows us that players do this on purpose far more than they don’t. The log shows Player A hits Player B, that’s it.

          Regarding your confusion about the ban not being instant…

          We have a live operator running the logs streaming live on another monitor. None of this is automated, we have ZERO admin tools. All of our work is done live from active moderation. We thought the community wanted active admins so we gave it to them.

          When my moderator is home, his response rate is very fast. Anywhere from ~30 seconds to a minute. If nobody is available, we could see extended response times. BI doesn’t issue the bans, we do. Our operators gather information from the log and apply it to the ban reason. [PVP] Player A (2.25.2018 – 09:35:21) is added by us and takes time to find and type, not BI. BI has nothing to do with this. I hope this clears things up.

          I thank you for being mature and apologizing with sincerity. John really needs to step up and formally apologize as he’s the one who slandered our intentions and work. We take slander very very seriously. This is how the media circus starts on these wacky reddit posts. Unfortunately, nobody is coming forward with integrity (like yourself) so the story sticks and we’re forever tarnished to the casual reader.

          In closing, all of this could have been avoided if John would have come to speak with our staff on Discord. He would have been instructed to fill out a ban appeal. I can’t say for sure, but this looks like a case we could overturn with a positive ruling.

          Tom, it was a pleasure speaking with you. Have a great evening!


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    I apologize for my accusation that you banned me for financial motivations. At the time the indecent happened. we had no idea that I had struck my partner, and then had no idea how to contact any admins on your server to clear it up. I don’t appreciate being called a lair, at the time, I was calling it as I was seeing it.