Specu 2 years ago

Bow&Chainsaw Dayz 0.60 Server: Oldschool DayZ Hardcore (majority)

The Soft Hearted Bandit

Specu 2 years ago

The Soft Hearted Bandit Oldschool DayZ Hardcore 0.60 Music: http://www.lo...

1# One life

Specu 1 year ago

1# One life One life. My story. Oldschool DayZ Hardcore 0.62 Recording: Music: http://incompet...

Hearting feets (loud volume recommended)

Specu 2 years ago

Hearting feets (loud volume recommended) Looking for some boots in Novy Sobor .60 Oldschool

Some action from Dayz No.1

Specu 2 years ago

Some action from Dayz No.1 Server: Oldschool 0.60