Dayz -Merry Christmas

HandZ 4 hours ago

Dayz -Merry Christmas Huge Thanks to Scottish Dave for helping me out making this, RIP George Michael , legend.... Merry Christmas to you all and a Happy New Year !!!...

Dayz :Our House

HandZ 3 weeks ago

Dayz :Our House ...

Dayz Village:Alter Ego

HandZ 2 weeks ago

Dayz Village:Alter Ego You Cant be good all the time. Was really good fun bumping into everyone. This server continues to provide a wonderful experience....

Dayz Village:Dark World

HandZ 1 month ago

Dayz Village:Dark World Thanks for watching i hope you're enjoying the Dayz Village series. Once again i want to thank Barely Infected for creating this wonderful server!. Thanks...

Dayz Village: Factions

HandZ 3 months ago

Dayz Village: Factions Part Two of My Village adventure's, Meeting Some of the Factions that exist on the Village server BUNGA :))) Follow us on Twitter at

Dayz 0.62 Apple Justice

HandZ 3 months ago

Dayz 0.62 Apple Justice Cold Murdery Justice Follow us on Twitter at

Dayz- My Brother

HandZ 3 months ago

Dayz- My Brother Friendships made in this game are the best friends ive made in gaming. whole community's have a sense of brotherhood and family. . Whos your Dayz brother, ...

Dayz 0.62 – Friendly Until Provoked

HandZ 4 months ago

Dayz 0.62 – Friendly Until Provoked Dave and I , out on an adventure . Why Cant people just be cool Thanks for watching Follow us on Twitter at

Dayz-Radio Contact

HandZ 4 months ago

Dayz-Radio Contact I've Been searching for a while to meet someone on a radio in dayz, now i have It was a fun video to make, but the bonus being i made a friend out of it th...

Surviving A Bandit – Dayz

HandZ 5 months ago

Surviving A Bandit – Dayz Please excuse the heavy breathing at points lol, I am a bit unwell. But this kept me entertained. Thanks for Watching Follow us on twitter at https://twit...


HandZ 5 months ago

Faith-Dayz Whats going round in my head is, would have always done that, was he just waiting for his chance if i never had to go AFK would that kind of thing never ha...

Berezhki loot gem – DayZ

HandZ 5 months ago

Berezhki loot gem – DayZ A quick look around the small town of Berezhki. A rare find that has some great gun spawns to help you survive the harsh world of DayZ. Follow us on Twitt...

DayZ – Can you trust a Russian??

HandZ 5 months ago

DayZ – Can you trust a Russian?? I've had similar experiences with other players from Russia, have you? What nation do you find most untrustworthy in Chernarus? Thanks for watching. Foll...

DayZ-Alternative Methods

HandZ 6 months ago

DayZ-Alternative Methods Not Often that Conflict is Resolved in this way. Shortly After the end of the video the server went down. If any of you guys involved end up seeing this. t...