Dayz-Voices Within

HandZ 1 week ago

Dayz-Voices Within Usually id just tell someone where the village was and be on my way, turned out different today...

DayZ 0.61: Zombie Horde

HandZ 1 year ago

DayZ 0.61: Zombie Horde 0.61 zombie Horde...

Dayz- Potato Squad

HandZ 2 weeks ago

Dayz- Potato Squad Potato Squad !!!!! A Story of one of those play sessions that are so rare! Yes, i get some peoples names wrong! we met even more people than shown in the v...

Dayz Village:Full Circle

HandZ 2 months ago

Dayz Village:Full Circle Bandits,Friendlies , The endless cycle. The cycle that keeps me coming back for more...

Dayz :Titanic

HandZ 3 months ago

Dayz :Titanic Short Clip. we encountered some fresh spawns after a Christmas event at the Green Dragon Tavern on the Dayz Village Server. We had all partaken in some fes...

Dayz -Merry Christmas

HandZ 3 months ago

Dayz -Merry Christmas Huge Thanks to Scottish Dave for helping me out making this, RIP George Michael , legend.... Merry Christmas to you all and a Happy New Year !!!...

Dayz Village:Alter Ego

HandZ 3 months ago

Dayz Village:Alter Ego You Cant be good all the time. Was really good fun bumping into everyone. This server continues to provide a wonderful experience....

Dayz :Our House

HandZ 3 months ago

Dayz :Our House ...

Dayz Village:Dark World

HandZ 5 months ago

Dayz Village:Dark World Thanks for watching i hope you're enjoying the Dayz Village series. Once again i want to thank Barely Infected for creating this wonderful server!. Thanks...

Dayz Village: Factions

HandZ 6 months ago

Dayz Village: Factions Part Two of My Village adventure's, Meeting Some of the Factions that exist on the Village server BUNGA :))) Follow us on Twitter at

Dayz 0.62 Apple Justice

HandZ 6 months ago

Dayz 0.62 Apple Justice Cold Murdery Justice Follow us on Twitter at

Dayz- My Brother

HandZ 6 months ago

Dayz- My Brother Friendships made in this game are the best friends ive made in gaming. whole community's have a sense of brotherhood and family. . Whos your Dayz brother, ...

Dayz 0.62 – Friendly Until Provoked

HandZ 7 months ago

Dayz 0.62 – Friendly Until Provoked Dave and I , out on an adventure . Why Cant people just be cool Thanks for watching Follow us on Twitter at

Dayz-Radio Contact

HandZ 7 months ago

Dayz-Radio Contact I've Been searching for a while to meet someone on a radio in dayz, now i have It was a fun video to make, but the bonus being i made a friend out of it th...