DayZ .53 well “pump” animation

Comet1966 3 years ago

DayZ .53 well “pump” animation This is the new well animation from the DayZ .53 patch. Leave a like if you would like to see more news related things about DayZ. Thanks for watching....

The Hunt | DayZ Squad Play

Comet1966 2 years ago

The Hunt | DayZ Squad Play Sorry if the color's are weird. I won't record with that software anymore!...

Traversing Svetlojarsk…. DayZ .60

Comet1966 1 year ago

Traversing Svetlojarsk…. DayZ .60 Hello...

Best shooter in DayZ .60?

Comet1966 1 year ago

Best shooter in DayZ .60? Hi...

Hacker/Bandit Berazino battle

Comet1966 2 years ago

Hacker/Bandit Berazino battle This was my 2nd ever DayZ video! Over a year ago! Sorry for the quality!...

I was trying to make a video!

Comet1966 2 years ago

I was trying to make a video! This is some of my very first DayZ video! Over 1 year ago!...

Getting some KILLS!

Comet1966 2 years ago

Getting some KILLS! This is a highlight from my twitch stream. -- Watch live at

“Wardrobes” are accessible in Dayz .59

Comet1966 2 years ago

“Wardrobes” are accessible in Dayz .59 Wardrobes are now accessible in the first experimental version of .59 Thanks to for the Intro/Outro !...