Berezino Jackass

Blownupicus 2 years ago

Berezino Jackass Fresh server, new life, friendly first encounter... and then this jackass


Blownupicus 2 years ago

Breadcrumbs Couple of bumbling idiots (buddy and I) stumble onto the trail of 2 or 3 of the only other players on a private server


Blownupicus 1 year ago

CamCantSee A snip from filming social experiments with Cyborg Lizard and CAMcantRUN CAMcantRUN Cyborg Lizard https://www.yout...

Nowhere is safe!

Blownupicus 2 years ago

Nowhere is safe! Just a short clip showing that no matter where you log out you're never safe!

Teaching Fail

Blownupicus 2 years ago

Teaching Fail Tried to give a newer player a hand with navigation and suicide.. I kind of failed as a teacher.


Blownupicus 2 years ago

Slim A Svetlo showdown! Thanks for watching! Feel free to leave a comment. Welcome to HorrorLand" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed un...

That feeling you get

Blownupicus 2 years ago

That feeling you get This video is an example of how, even after hundreds or thousands of hours, the smallest encounter can feel like a huge accomplishment.