DayZ Truck Glitch

Biddaman85 3 years ago

DayZ Truck Glitch Stay far away from 2 V3Ss that are locked together.

Nice Shooting Ace

Biddaman85 2 years ago

Nice Shooting Ace I had the perfect opportunity to take down a guy and I totally blow it. Follow my twitch page to see more DayZ livestreams

DayZ Survival Series episode 1: Alone up North

Biddaman85 1 year ago

DayZ Survival Series episode 1: Alone up North I hope this is the start of a decently entertaining series.

Mosin vs Crowbar!

Biddaman85 2 years ago

Mosin vs Crowbar! Ms. Mosin thought she could take on the Biddaman while he had a crowbar?!?! Watch live at

Peek a boo

Biddaman85 2 years ago

Peek a boo This guy was camping the hospital in Elektro and saw me with a zombie after me and thought he could nab an easy kill. My Twitch channel -